Jess Klaassen-Wright
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About Me

I was a late reader, but soon enough, I was that kid walking the school hallways with my nose in a book, each new story far more important than looming homework deadlines or my mother’s bedtime warnings.

Although I have learned to put aside a good book to meet a deadline, I dedicate the same level of enthusiasm to each freelancing project as I did to reading. I have an eye for detail, and my time as a student journalist gave me skills in project management, communication, writing, editing, and working knowledge of standard style guides such as the Canadian Press Style Book and the Chicago Manual of Style.

While I have spent my formative years in the Canadian Prairies, I’ve lived in Ontario, British Columbia, Labrador, Costa Rica, Ukraine, and Mexico, and I’m regularly on the move. I am fluent in written and spoken Spanish, and I also have extensive experience working with NGOs and seek to support as well as write and edit for organizations that focus on social justice, equality, and the common good.