Jess Klaassen-Wright

Copy Editing

As a creator, you do the hard work of bringing a text to life, as your copy editor I help bring clarity and precision to your project. With my training as a section and managing editor, I will conduct a thorough copy edit of your work while balancing your needs and those of your readers.


After working so hard to create your manuscript, you want it to be error free, and this is the proofreader’s job as the last set of eyes that read your pre-press work. As your proofreader, I will catch those remaining errors and ensure that everything in your text is exactly as it should be.


An index is like a puzzle, and I understand how frustrating it can be to put together a puzzle with missing pieces. After reading every word of your book, I will create a comprehensive index that highlights the most important information in your text while giving readers fast access to what they want to know.


To discuss your project, get an estimate, or find out more about my services, please request a quote or contact me directly.